Dr. Keith Nelson offers the Mako System robot-assisted surgery to perform total knee, total hip, and partial knee replacements. Not only is this the most technologically advanced option for patients with pain due to joint degeneration from osteoarthritis in the knee or degenerative joint disease in the hip; but it is also transforming the way surgeons can perform joint replacement surgeries.

The advanced robotic technology allows Dr. Nelson to provide each patient with a personalized surgical experience and reconstruction plan based upon their diagnosis, goals, and the 3D plan that uses a CT scan to consider the patient’s specific anatomy and ligament balance.

Procedures Available with Robot-Assisted Surgery

  • Partial knee replacement: During a partial knee replacement, only the compartment of the knee that is damaged by arthritis is resurfaced. The healthy cartilage and bone are left untouched.
  • Total hip replacement: During a total hip replacement, both the ball and socket of the hip joint are replaced with artificial implants.
  • Total knee replacement: During a total knee replacement, Dr. Nelson removes the damaged surface of the knee joint and replaces it with an artificial implant.

Benefits of Mako Surgery

Robotic-assisted orthopedic surgery makes it possible to complete certain procedures with an exceptionally high level of precision. For instance, robot-assisted technologies can help surgeons selectively target damaged cartilage and bone, in turn reducing the impact on healthy bone tissues and surrounding ligaments. Benefits of robotic-assisted orthopedic surgery include:

– Reduced surgical time

– Smaller incision

– Less blood loss

– Reduced hospital stay

– Reduced postoperative pain and swelling

– More rapid rehabilitation and recovery process

– Less implant wear and tear

How Does Mako Work?

It’s important to understand that while the surgery utilizes a robot, it is performed by an orthopedic surgeon who guides the robotic arm during the surgery to position the implant in the knee and hip joints. During the procedure, Dr. Nelson has full control of the robot and can make adjustments to the procedure plan during surgery as needed.

  1. Create a custom, virtual 3D model – A CT scan of the affected hip or knee joint is taken. This CT scan is uploaded into the Mako System software, where a 3D model of the hip or knee is created. This 3D model is used to pre-plan and assist Dr. Nelson in performing the joint replacement procedure. 
  2. Build a personalized surgical plan – Dr. Nelson will use the Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology and 3D model to provide a personalized surgical plan and identify the implant size, orientation, and alignment based on the patient’s unique anatomy. 
  3. Replace hip or knee with precision – During the procedure, the Mako System helps Dr. Nelson stay within the planned boundaries that were defined during the preoperative plan but enough freedom to make changes if needed.

If you or a loved one are suffering from pain due to joint degeneration, contact Dr. Keith Nelson today to see if you are a candidate for this surgery. Give our office a call at 435-774-8511.