As a parent, you know how much energy a child can have. This is why participating in sports is a healthy outlet for your children’s energy and provides a hobby to keep them busy. However, if your child isn’t fully prepared, it can leave them with an increased risk for sports injuries. Today, we’re sharing some tips to ensure your child stays safe as they enjoy participating in sports.

  1. Use of proper equipment: Make sure your child is using the proper equipment and that they’re using it correctly. Improper use of a tennis racket or baseball bat can quickly lead to overuse injuries like tendinitis. Make sure to ask your child’s coach about proper protective equipment. This can include gear such as protective pads, facemasks, or a helmet. Make sure your child is properly wearing each type of protective wear to optimize their protection.
  2. Proper preparation: Your child should not go from a sedentary lifestyle to an active sport without any preparation. It’s important to understand that this can cause injuries quickly which can become chronic or recurring. Also, make sure your child is properly warming up and cooling down before exercise. This will help to decrease their risk of sports injury.
  3. Adult supervision and commitment to safety: Any sport that involves children should always have a responsible adult or adults supervising practices and games. If you’re the responsible adult, make sure that the equipment is in good condition. This includes making sure that any fields the children may be in don’t have any large holes or other hazards that could potentially cause falls and injuries. 
  4. Hydration, hydration, hydration: You child should always stay hydrated. When expending more energy than usual, their body will need even more water than they are likely used to. Always have water readily available to ensure they keep their energy up and their wits about them. Being dehydrated can cause someone to pay less attention to the activity at hand, which easily increases someone’s risk for sports injuries.

What Happens if my Child Gets Injured While Playing a Sport? 

Depending on the severity of the injury, it can be a good idea to start with some quality rest. At a young age, children can heal rapidly. However, it’s important to make sure your child takes some time to rest. If the injury seems more severe than a pulled muscle, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Nelson. His love for sports has influenced him to have a part of his practice as a specialty of sports medicine both non-operative and operative. Dr. Nelson’s favorite thing about his job is getting athletes back in the game who have experienced sports injuries. When you bring your child into their appointment with him, you can trust that your child’s health is in the best and most experienced hands.

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