As we age, it is common to experience pain in our joints often caused by osteoarthritis. In some cases, this pain can be managed by non-surgical techniques such as weight loss, exercise, hot and cold compresses, medication, and or dietary supplements. If these techniques are not helpful, however, surgery may be required. Thanks to advances in surgical technology, MAKOplasty assisted joint replacement is much more efficient with shorter recovery times. 

What is MAKOplasty? 

MAKOplasty procedures use a surgeon-operated arm, allowing Dr. Nelson to make more precise cuts and placements. These procedures differ from traditional procedures as they only target the damaged areas of the body while leaving the healthy portion unaffected. By selectively targeting the damaged portion, Dr. Nelson can spare the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding it. 

MAKOplasty Procedures

MAKO can be used for partial knee replacement (PKR), which is a procedure designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis in one or two compartments of the knee. MAKO can also be used for total hip replacement, which is a procedure designed for patients who suffer from non-inflammatory or inflammatory degenerative joint disease of the hip

The MAKO technology provides a patient-specific 3-D model to pre-plan the joint replacement. During surgery, Dr. Nelson guides the MAKO robotic-arm based on your patient-specific plan. This allows Dr. Nelson to remove only the injured area of the joint, preserving healthy bone and soft tissue, and assists in positioning the implant based on personal anatomy. 

MAKOplasty Candidates

To determine whether you are a good candidate for MAKOplasty, you will need to provide Dr. Nelson with a complete medical history including symptoms, when they began, how they have progressed, and any non-surgical treatments you have tried. Dr. Nelson will then perform a thorough examination of the damaged joint, looking at range of motion, ligament stability, and angular deformity. If surgery is the best option for you, an X-ray will be obtained to determine the extent of the damaged joint. 


Opting for a MAKOplasty procedure holds several advantages over traditional joint replacement by creating a surgical plan customized to fit you. These advantages include: 

  • Faster pain relief. With MAKOplasty, the recovery time is generally much shorter than a traditional joint replacement. Many patients who opt for MAKOplasty can stand and walk the same day as their surgery. 
  • Better outcomes. When using MAKOplasty, patients report having higher satisfaction with their outcomes than those who received traditional surgery. The precise cuts and placements allow for a higher quality outcome for patients. 
  • Smaller incision. This not only looks better but also allows for quicker recovery time. A MAKOplasty incision is about 4 to 6 inches, where a traditional incision can be about 10 inches. 
  • Functionality. MAKOplasty revolves around personalizing the procedure for each patient. Because the implants are so personalized, they allow for a more natural feeling and functional knee as it heals. 

If you are experiencing joint pain, don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment with Dr. Nelson. He can help determine whether or not the MAKOplasty procedure is the correct course of action. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Nelson, give us a call at (435)774-8511.