Recently, Dr. Keith returned from a humanitarian trip to the Philippines. While he was there he did some amazing work.

First stop was the Philippines Orthopaedic Center. This facility has over 700 beds dedicated specifically to orthopaedic patients.

Among other procedures, Dr. Keith and his team worked together to fix femur fractures. These children were extremely blessed by his services. The team used flexible intramedullary nails to keep the bones stable during healing.

Next stop was the National Children’s Hospital.


This time, it was Dr. Keith’s turn to learn. While working with Dr. Frez, he learned an efficient surgical approach and operation to help heal the “walking clubfoot.” It was a new way to do things that he had never seen before in the United States.

Over 145 patients with long bone fractures are in the Philippines Orthopaedic Center for their injuries. Over 85% of these injuries are from motorcycle accidents and if you have experienced the traffic in Philippine cities, you can understand why.

Dr. Keith was able to experience such a wonderful culture and help those in need.