Winter during Utah may seem like a great justification to slow down and hibernate rather than staying active. However, there are numerous health benefits to staying active year-round, so we’re sharing some ways to stay active during the cold months of the year. 

  • Get a gym membership or work out at home. It doesn’t matter if you’re following a home training program or showing up to the gym daily, you’ll experience the same health benefits.
  • Play indoor sports. Winter is the perfect time to join an indoor recreational basketball, volleyball, or soccer team in your community. If sports are your thing, this is a great way to be active and be social while you’re at it. 
  • Play outdoors with your kids, family, and/or friends. Going sledding or building a snowman can be fun ways to get your blood pumping. 
  • Go swimming indoors. Find a local indoor pool to swim some laps in. This is a great way to get some low-impact exercise during the cold months of the year.
  • Participate in winter sports. If you’re a snowboarder or skier, winter is probably your favorite time of the year. Skiing and snowboarding are fun ways to get some exercise in.
  • When in doubt, take the stairs. Try taking the stairs at work, at home, and everywhere else. This small effort made each day can help keep your cardiovascular system healthy in combination with other activities. 
  • Try a fitness class. See what fitness classes are available in your area and try a few different ones out. You may find you love cycling or another fitness class more than you originally thought you would have.
  • Go outside when you can. During the more mild winter days, try to get outside for a walk or a jog. The combination of getting exercise and vitamin D will help to manage and relieve the everyday stress you experience.

The Benefits of Staying Active

Staying active combats a variety of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, and anxiety. Staying active can also help you manage a healthy weight and promote a healthy lifestyle. Exercise promotes better sleep, increased energy, and improved mood. These are only a few of the benefits of staying active, you’ll find many more as you stay active with these ideas listed above this winter. 

What are your favorite ways of staying active during the winter months? Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite way of staying active on our list!