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Knee Pain

Don’t let knee pain slow you down. Dr. Nelson can diagnose and treat your knee pain so you can get back up to speed, and back to doing what you love.

Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder joints should have a wide and versatile range of motion. When you’re experiencing shoulder pain, you lose this. Let Dr. Nelson bring pain-free movement back into your life.

Hip Pain

Hip pain may be an indicator of numerous different issues. Dr. Nelson can narrow down the issue that’s causing you pain and get you back on track to recovery.

Sports Med.

Are you suffering from a sports related injury? Dr. Nelson is experienced in these types of injuries and has a passion for seeing patients recover and getting athletes back in the game.


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Dr. Nelson is a Cache Valley native who has always been involved with sports. His love for sports is what inspired his practice and specialty in sports medicine. He takes great pride in surgically repairing injured athletes and assisting them with getting back to competition. He followed his graduation from the University of Utah Medical School with orthopaedic training at the University of Southern California. Dr. Nelson then completed his fellowship training under E. Marlowe Goble, M.D. in sports medicine and knee disorders. Dr Nelson is an innovator who works as a consultant developing new arthroscopic tools to aid in surgery. He is one of the first surgeons in Utah to perform arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. AOS gives Dr. Nelson the perfect venue to perform his innovative treatments.

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    Dr. Nelson has a strong desire to promote the welfare of others with his time and expertise. he is frequently taking time for medical missions and serves as the Director of Surgery with the Charity Anywhere Foundation. See a list below of Dr. Nelson’s previous and planned service endeavors.


    “I was diagnosed in February 2015 torn rotator cuff, labral tear, etc. Dr. Nelson was able to reconstruct my entire left shoulder. He successfully removed the metal plate and 10 screws in my clavicle from the accident from 3 years ago and completely repaired my rotator cuff injury as well as my labrum tear that was also a result of the accident. I can’t say enough about Dr. Nelson and his staff. They are very professional and care a lot about their patients and what’s more he is up-to-date on all the latest procedures. My recovery was very expedient because his surgery was beyond excellent. My shoulder is not like it was 20 years ago but for a 41-year-old man that works hard for a living it works great. Nelson will be my go to for any orthopedic needs.”
    — Trent R.
    “We both had both our knees replaced by Dr. Nelson and his great medical team. In preparing us for the surgeries, Dr. Nelson was VERY thorough in his explanations regarding the surgeries and the physical therapy following the operations. He was extremely kind, knowledgeable and honest about every aspect of the procedures. We obviously have complete faith and trust in his skills or we would not have returned to have him repeat the process. He is a great doctor and a great person.

    We’re back playing racquetball, hiking, swimming and other very physical activities that have been painful or impossible for 30 years. The surgeries have been life changing in the best ways possible.

    We give Dr. Keith Nelson our highest and most enthusiastic recommendation. ”
    — Lyn and Mike

    “Playing in over 35 major college football games takes its toll on a body. From shoulder surgery, to ligament sprains, to tendinitis, to a lower back injury, Dr. Nelson was able to provide the plan and care necessary to get me back on the field as quickly as possible. I have been to multiple specialists in big cities, but the care I received from Dr. Nelson and his staff was on par or better than any of those. Dr. Nelson’s background in athletics allows him to understand the mentality of an athlete and the desire to get back on the field safely, but quickly . For any sports injury, whether requiring surgery or non-operative treatment, I would recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone looking to get back, stay back, and be at their best.”
    — Riley
    “Dr. Nelson performed surgery on my left shoulder after two previous attempts from other surgeons to fix my problem. Dr. Nelson was able to correct the issue. The pain was very minimal after surgery as well. When previous surgeries were performed the pain was excruciating. My recovery time was minimal, physical therapy was great and my shoulder is 90% better than it was before. Thank you Dr. Nelson and your staff for being so professional and taking care of my needs.”
    — Kim
    “Dr. Nelson’s personal approach in repairing my ACL made surgery an easy experience. I’m back to doing all the things I love doing outdoors and my knee feels stronger than ever.”
    — Tracy

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    Dr. Nelson accepts all major insurance providers and workers compensation cases.

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